We’ve dialogued about a girl named, “Hope.”It’s my joy to bring you up to speed.

It’s been so difficult to get to know her….but the one thing I’ve come to know is she doesn’t trust easily. I’ve been taken aback by her inability to make eye contact. The way she looks at the floor and uses her long hair to veil her pretty face. But if I had walked in hershoes, I’d probably do the same.
I have good news: she came to church tonight.
The message she heard? God’s Love Sign to the Persecuted.
The miracle I witnessed? Her persecuted journey paused at God’s front door.
Without disclosing too much, there was this divine connection of dots that led her there.
I am so grateful and so indebted to their obedience to the nudge that I’d like to thank these “dots”:
“You guys” for praying for her.
“You guys” for creating a reason for her to come.
“You guys” for taking time to talk to her, even if she wouldn’t look at you.
“You” for challenging me to invite.
I’ll never know what it’s like to be young girl in a foreign land, or to be in an abusive relationship or
to have no mommy and daddy. “I’m sorry, Hope, I can not relate to you in these ways.”
“But Hope…your God can, and tonight, your God did.”
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