Most of you know I watch Larry King almost every night. 
Tonight, he had a special program called, “Heroes.” It’s running in conjunction with aCNN special to air this Thursday. 
I am blogging about this particular episode because I was especially moved by his guest, Somaly Mam. She was nominated in a CNN 5-month global process to find everyday heroes doing extraordinary things.
As I watcher Larry interview her, I was seeing a woman who exhibits exterior and interior heroism….in her veins as well as in her actions.
She didn’t initiate something, until she camethrough something.

You can read about her past, here and here 
(but toughen up…it’s tough to take in).
You can also read about the futures she is changing, here.
A hero? Somaly Mam? To me, someone with a burden within and a causewithout.
Who is yours?

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