Yesterday, I was in the “10 items or less” lane at Publix. There was a man in front of me, a man behind me and a cashier facing all 3 of us. 
Man behind me, “Ma’am,” in a projecting voice, “you do know this is the 10 or less aisle.”

Me, “Yes, I know.”
Man behind me, “But you have more than 10 items.”
Me, “I don’t think I do?” I proceeded to count my items, cause maybe he was right? But as he watched me, we both realized that I did indeed have 10 items.
Man behind me, “Oh, ma’am, I am so sorry. I thought those items in front of you were yours also.”
Me, “That’s OK, I’m sure it was hard to see that little divider.”
Man behind me, “Again, I’m so sorry.”
This scenario could have resulted in 2 JERKS: me and the man behind me. ‘Cause I could have bit the man’s head off & he would’ve bitten back in defense.
But as I think back, I’m amazed. I’ve been praying for God to teach me love, I know that’s a TALL order, but yesterday I saw it in THREE BIG WAYS!
1. His love was in Him responding to my prayer request for love.
2. His love was in dashing the enemy’s hopes of jerks being made at the checkout lane.
3. His love was allowing 2 men and 1 cashier to see unusual love instead of usual animosity.
Here’s the deal: It’s NEVER too late and we are NEVER too far to stand in amazement of what God can do in us, if only we ask.
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