Today, there was this chic….she was hurrying to finish her Christmas shopping. At a red light, she noticed a homeless man waiting by a bus stop.

As she kept driving, her noticing turned into a nudge. And then, almost supernaturally, she illegally u-turned and drove back toward the bus stop.
The homeless man was there, with a lawn chair, a stuffed garbage bag and a duffel bag.
She drove past into a nearby car dealership and parked.
“OK, God” she thought, “if you want me to reach out, now what?” She searched her car. She had no money, no bible. All she had was 2 gift-bags of cookies, chocolates and candy canes from her kid’s Christmas parties. “God?”
The nudges became words in her heart that weren’t her voice.
“Collect all the cookies, candy and chocolate and combine them into one gift bag, and put one of those Christmas, church business cards in there too.”
“But, God,” she thought, “that’s so lame, like he needs a business card and sugar?”
She acted anyway and drove back to the bus stop.
“Oh, crap,” she thought “the bus is leaving with the homeless man in it!”
The nudge: “Follow the bus.”
So she followed the bus, not knowing how long this could go on for; not wanting to give up either.
A few miles later, the bus stopped…in the middle of the road! “God?”
She stopped her car, and alllllll the cars behind her had to stop too.
“God, it’s Friday, these cars are gonna get so ticked.”
“Go to the bus and ask the bus driver if you can get on.”
So this chic, with all these cars waiting behind hers, did just that.
And the bus driver opened the door and let her.
As she ran to the back of the bus, something inside of her welled up in her mouth, when she reached the man, it came out: “Sir, this is for you. Merry Christmas.”
And the homeless man said, “God bless you.”
As she got back in her car, she noticed an eerie silence…none of the cars she was holding up were honking or yelling at her.
And that’s all I know about this story.
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