>Hey Everybody! I’m on vacation at the tippy-top of a Smoky Mountain–where the view is breathtaking and the reception stinks! Anywho, finally got a connection!

Yesterday, on Fox News, there was a segment on the scandals of 2007. You could text in your vote. Some of the nominees: Anna Nicole Smith, Brittany Spears, Paris Hilton, Marion Jones,Scooter Libby, Dennis Nfong, Don Imus, Michael Vick, Larry Craig.
All LEADERS in their own right.
Now I’ve never been nominated for anything good (homecoming queen, class president) nor elected for anything bad. So I can’t say I’m blogging about this from personal experience. But I feel bad for these people (some more than others). And I’ve wondered what they, as leaders, are thinking; and what their followers are thinking too?
You know the best Leader of all was perceived to be scandalous; however, simulataneously known to be without sin.
Are we, as leaders, ever above the perception of scandal? Nope!
But I hope we never have the nation determining it by a text.
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