>I feel like talking about what happens after I die. Death is something I’ve never felt scared to discuss. Here are some things that matter after I die and why:
1. I don’t want a funeral service; I want an 
FRC service. Look, my funeral is where I’ll have the best chance of getting those I’ve tried to reach all my life to finally come to church. So IAM gonna leverage that. And 
RickyFullerAllen, and Heredes….you better include “Came to My Rescue.”

2. If the service would include some kind of video-montage, I hope the video shows the good, the bad, AND the ugly. Again, considering the lost ones I love in the audience, I don’t want them to remember me as a girl who had it all together. ‘Cause, you see…though I accepted Jesus when I was 4, I’ve needed His reacceptance everyday thereafter. The video should reflect that reality.
3. I’ve gone back and forth on whether to be buried or cremated and concluded that I want to be buried. Perhaps this will sound quite imprudent, but you can’t write anything on your ashes. Writing has been God’s main vehicle thru me & you can write on a tombstone. Maybe something like: “Man, just one dumb lamb following one awesome Shepherd!” And then Matthew 18:11-13. Just the address, not the verse, so that folk can go to the bible & look it up.
4. Let’s not have Raul speak at the service. He’ll need to be all-Dad that day. Besides, public speaking messes up his insides.
5. The invitation at the end? If Troy & Steph are up to it, it needs to be them. I’ll leave the creative part of it to the creative planning team, and spend as much money as you want, right Raul? : )
6. Just not feelin’ it to have this event divided into 3 parts (viewing, service, burial), just want a service. Again, highly considering my lost loved ones, I want the service to be their lasting impression….not me being lowered into the ground.
Well, that’s all I have for now. Not quite sure how to end this other than I hope you know where you stand with God…if not, your butt better be at my funeral!
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