OK, so I’m at Starbux. I can’t help but hear the convo that’s going on at the table in front of me. I almost feel like I should move. It seems this woman is managerially over this guy. It also seems she is evaluating him (based on her papers, posture, and very frank feedback). So this leads to one question and one principal:
1. Where is the line between eavesdropping and overhearing? What one would you say I did? You can see the proximity of me to them in the photo…you decide.
2. If you and me have to evaluate or reprimand each other, let’s not do it at one of the most HIGHLY visible, HIGHLY busiest places of business, k? This poor guy! Just how comfortable can an employee be having a private evaluation in a public place?
OK, well, packing up my things. I’ve heard enough….literally!

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