Raul has always been afraid of thrill rides. It’s something he doesn’t prefer & it’s something he does fear. In spite (& for the first time in decades), he hopped on a Ferris wheel so that our little Andy-man could experience it for the first time.

And boy did he! Raul said Andy could barely catch his breath due to his exhilaration.
Don’t you just know that Jesus did the same for us? Don’t you just know that He put ALL of Himself aside, so that we’d almost be catching our breath from the exhilaration of a life with Him in it? What do I want for 2008? I want to see my life thru the spokes of a Ferris wheel.
I want to be exhilarated by the views of each day; more so at the fact that God is like Andy’s daddy in this picture below….seated next to us, enjoying our life withus.

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