I hate the cliche, “green with envy,” because envy is hardly green. God said, “A heart at peace gives life to the body, but envy rots the bones.” Rots my bones? Envy is black, man! Because anything that rots turns black. UGH!
Now, j
ealousy is an attitude toward another person; envy is an attitude toward another person’s success. Double UGH!
Here’s the dealio – envy started in Genesis 1 and we’re still writing its history. It’s a dark part of our human nature & virtually untreatable without God.
Envy is always just around my corner: as I constantly strive to do my best, there’ssomeone else doing better.
I am deathly afraid of envy because I’ve seen its demise in my past. So this post is dedicated to the one I hate: the little-envy Heather, dormant but not dead, inside big-girl Heather. So what am I gonna do? Pray hard! And keep my ruthless resolve to not let little-envy Heather make a comeback.
Look, we’re gonna suck and fail at things, but do we want envy to be one of them? Envy is such an embarrassing, senseless, futile thing to fail at. Anybody with me?

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