>In college, my favorite prof was my business prof, Bill Wilson. He introduced me to the Rule of MBWA (pronounced “mah-bwuh”). Which stands for, “Management By Walking Around.”

Today, Raul & I MBWA’ed. We stepped outside of our area of management (Flamingo Road Church) to walk around and see it in others (Christ Fellowship Church and Fellowship Church).
Instead of being participators or spectators, we were INVESTIGATORS.
Thru investigative eyes, I took notes, asked questions, networked & learned. I felt encouraged, challenged, intrigued AND reassured–all from just MBWA-ing!
If you are an at-home CEO or a corporate CEO;
if you are moving up the ladder or just stepping onto the first rung; if you’re in it for a profit or in it for a non-for-profit, we ALL gain when we MBWA. Because…
always looking on the inside, will never get us as far
as when we take time to walk around on the outside!
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