Yes, you read that correctly. My 2-yr old and I were in the world’s tiniest bathroom stall when I fumbled my iPhone and dropped it into the PUBLIC toilet…GROSS! To boot, it was after we had done our business…. 
Here’s a replay: 

So not only did I have to stick my hand in the nasty toilet bowl to rescue my little iPeePhone, but I had to fidget with it as I attemptediPhone-CPR. And you can’t wash, rinse or sanitize it (though 1 chic suggested I put some Clorox on it…hello???). So I guess I’m thankful that nobody will EVER want to use my iPhone, though it still remains that I have to. I salvaged most of it, just one injury: the on/off button doesn’t work anymore. So I have an iPhone that will never shut off. So what’s my point? Are you wondering how can I possibly spin this into some leadHership principle? Wanna bet a new iPhone that I can? Our things: our cars, our jewels, investments & toys – they aren’t bad. God’s richly blessed us with a democracy & economy to have them. I just have one piece of advice: Hold your things in open palms….not clenched fists. When we do, it communicates 2 powerful things: 
1. “God, these are yours to take; not mine to keep.” 2. “World, my palms may hold my temporary things; but my heart holds my permanent Savior.”

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