>As a follow-up to yesterday, according to my little tally sheet, I smiled 29 times in a 15-hr day. Now I don’t have a clue what that means, scientifically or psychologically. But it was interesting to note why I smiled and to whom I smiled. Some highlights:

  • smiled when a coworker said something funny to me
  • smiled when another coworker & I worked on a video
  • smiled watching DJ & Andy do their stunt show
  • smiled when I greeted the Pest Control guy
  • smiled when I chatted with the bagger at Publix (then gave him an invite to my church!)
  • and smiled when DJ drew this picture:

  • DJ was drawing a picture of what he endearingly coined, “special people.” When he was done, I asked him who these two special people were. He said Pastor Allen and Pastor Troy (look close enough & you’ll be able to tell who’s who). As a mama-bear, this made me smile. A 5-yr old, void of a home where God is, could have drawn a myraid of things. Of which could have disheartened his mommy. But DJ drew a picture of 2 godly guys. I’m sure God is smiling at DJ too.

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