>1/11/08, 6:30am
I am journaling my prayers, the last entry reads: “God, please do a purifying in me today, especially before I teach for you this Sunday.”
1/12/08, 1:00-3:00am:
I’m bowing at the toilet, barfing my brains out. In between explosive barfing, I’m huddled on the cold tile in a fetal position, moaning. Dehydrated, cramping, sweating. As I project my dinner beyond the porcelain bowl onto the bathroom walls, I am praying, “God, please help me!
1/13/08, 9:30am:
I am at our 
Doral campus, getting ready to walk out on stage to teach to the congregation. My stomach muscles are still sore;
my appetite isn’t quite restored…..But my body has surely been purified.
Perhaps one had to do with the other, you know the old adage, “Be careful what ya pray for!”
Or, perhaps, it just simply means that 
Legal Seafoods should change their name to Illegal Seafoods because they served me bad steamers!!!!

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