>Last week, I was driving Andy to preschool, when he asked, “Mommy, why awn’t your hands on tah teering-wheel?” I told him that sometimes I drive with my knee. He didn’t like that. So I put my hands back on the steering wheel. Today, while driving solo

, I caught myself driving WITH my knee, WHILE texting, ON the Interstate. Scary.
Often, the parallel is made that God is the driver and we are the passenger. And now I know why.
God never takes His hands off the steering wheel. 
He has never been distracted on the roadtrip of your life. 
He doesn’t take calls; He doesn’t steer with knees, He doesn’t carry on conversations. He doesn’t even blink.
On the roadtrip of my life, in the passenger seat, I can get drowsy, motion-sick, worried or distressed, but that’s why I’m not the one driving. 
God has to be the driver; I get to be the passenger.
Andy’s probably wishing for that too. : )

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