It was hard to make the permanent decision to not have more kids. I’ve prayed about this alot, asking God to give me peace but to also give me occasional opportunities to nurture. Last weekend, God granted me the opportunity, TWICE! My bro and his wifey had a baby boy, Anthony. I got to love on him alot at the hospital.

I also got to keep & care for my pastor’s prop (a lamb) at my home. Now these fixes could’ve pacified my nurture-need for months. That is, until today. For the first time in my life, I hit an animal and took its life. I was so upset. All I knew to do was cry out to God. Folks, do you know there’s just nothing I can do apart from God? One day, I’m thanking God for the opportunities to nurture; the other, I’m imploring Him to take away an animal’s suffering. Two TOTALLY polar instances, one God who’s there for both

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