If you are young, I am here to prepare you; if you are old, I am here to empathize with you. Here’s what happens when you turn the corner from “chipper” to “crusty” (or what I’m experiencing, anyway):

  1. Your plumbing can’t handle stuff like it used to. Kids can swallow nails & pennies and be just fine. I eat a salad and I’m paying for hours.
  2. Lines show up. Allow me to differentiate: you get LONGITUDE lines around your mouth; you get LATITUDE lines across your forehead. I’m turning into Rand McNally.
  3. You need more sleep. When I was 20, I’d party til 4am and go to work at 8am. Maybe we need more sleep ’cause our bodies need it. OR…maybe it’s God way of getting us to stop partying?
  4. Your skin changes. It’s been in this 30-something range where I’ve experienced the world’s biggest zits. And if you are really lucky, after Mr. Zit goes away, he leaves a beautiful discoloration behind…so you’ll NEVER forget he stopped by.
  5. What are these little tiny red things? They’re much smaller than moles or freckles. There’s like 2 of them on me. Can someone please tell me what these are? If I knew they weren’t anything dangerous, I’d almost think they were cute.
It’s all good, though. I might be fighting my gravity, but I’m embracing my miracle that I’m still here and God’s not finished with me yet.
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