Last March, we launched a website called ivescrewedup.com. Although our ivescrewedup.com series only lasted 11 weeks, the website has relentlessly forged ahead. To date, we’ve had some 200,000 visitors to the site and 100,000 confessions. Just last week,my pastor was interviewed again. See interview here. Intermittently, the argument has been raised that you can’t confess thru a website. I challenge that argument and I welcome the debate. God is everywhere, everytime, available to everyone…which makes Him God. And a broken person, typing with a sincere heart, can meet God right where they are, even at a computer. At times, the anonymonity of this site has been tough for me because I can’t reach out to them, but everyday, I’m praying and believing God is. Hey, right now, if you’re heavy-hearted about something, go here and get it off your back.

‘Cause confession is good for the soul; and the soul feels good when it confesses.
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