>I was walking to my car with my mom, my 2 kids, my purse, my iPhone, DJs backpack, Andy’s school papers, conversing with my friend Melissa, while holding DJs hand, while keeping an eye on Andy, while starting the car, while putting Andy in his carseat, talking to my mom, yelling at DJ to sit down….when we finally took off to get lunch. Arriving at the restaurant parking lot, I shriek in terror, “OH MY GOSH! MOM! I think I left my purse on the hood of my car!” My Mom goes into rational-mode (to offset my psycho-mode) and comes up with the plan, “I’ll keep the boys here and get lunch, YOU leave NOW and find that purse!” So I’m driving at a turtle-pace, down the busy highways & byways, looking for the worst: my purse and all its belongings blowing like tumbleweed down Flamingo Road.

Meanwhile, my mom sits down for lunch with my boys and leads them in prayer that mommy will find her purse. I make it all the way back to parking lot where the chaos started. Lo and behold, look what I found:

Somebody throw me a bone here and tell me I’m NOT the only one who does stupid things like leave her identity, money, iPhone, credit cards, etc. in a purse, along a curb, by a bush?!
So whatta ya do with moments like these?
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