This morning, I started reading Hebrews. I’ve never paid attention to this verse before, but it rev’ed me up! “The Son is the RADIANCE of God’s GLORY and the EXACT representation of his being, sustaining ALL things by his powerful word.”
Obviously, the emphasis is mine, but just look at these words!
RADIANCE of God’s glory – He is not dull, He is not budge, He is not average.
EXACT representation – I don’t HAVE to serve unknown, many gods; I GET to serve One who is 3 in 1, but never duplicated.
sustaining ALL things – We’re kids of a Father who put gravity, balance, equilibrium, order and stability into all things. Into me. Into you. Into every thing He created. 
I’m so grateful I get to be with God in Heaven, but I’m so relieved that I get to walk with Him on Earth. Aren’t you?

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