There are fears like elevators, spiders & roller coasters. And there are fears like rejection, death & criticism–fears we have, but we cannot reach. If I’m afraid of roller coasters, I can “reach out” to the merry-go-round. If I’m afraid of elevators, I can “reach” for the stairs. But what do we do with that other kind of fear?
I fear the prospect of rejection (a ton more than the action of it). This prospect has kept me on mental pins and needles with those I care about. It’s so stupid. But I’ve wrestled with this long enough that I have a prescription for it. If I feel that fear lurking, duringour worship, I’ll close my eyes & see the most crytal-of-clearest image of God reaching down and letting me jump up into His hands. His acceptance comforts me. You don’t have to share your fear here; but we sure would be encouraged by your prescription for it…

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