Hey Everybody! Just want to ask you something and tell you something. First, the ask…Tomorrow is my very good bud’s birthday. We’ve had about 7 years of good times together & I love making a big whoop-de-do out of her birthday cause she’s just great and deserves the biggest of celebrations. Would you click here and wish her a Happy Birthday? Thanks! Now I want to tell you something. I just want you to know that you have endless potential. And that you make a difference in this worldbecause your handprints and footprints are in it. No other person could do what God has called you to do. No other person could “take your place” should you vanish tomorrow. You are the one and only. And if you haven’t been high-fived in awhile, I’m posting this high five to your hand. And even better, I’m praying you sense the applause of heaven in your heart!

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