I’m reading this book & its kickin’ my butt. I’m still only in Chap. 1, but had to share this with somebody!
So often, I’ll say, “I need to get away so I can collect my thoughts; getmy rest; do my thing.” Do you know what this is? That’s P-R-I-V-A-C-Y. Do you know what that isn’t? S-O-L-I-T-U-D-E. Solitude is separating all of me and all I want from everything so I can get right with God. 
Hear me: I crave & I get moments of privacy, but trust me, my “skin” doesn’t crave & get moments of solitude.
Jesus had moments of solitude, so did Martin Luther, Thomas Aquinas & John the Baptist.
So now that my butt’s kicked, I’m praying for something my skin won’t want but my soul is thirsting for: SOLITUDE with God to get things right.

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