>For the 4th time in 11 mo.’s, I’m in the hospital. This time I’m on the 7th floor. ‘Though I don’t always see things this way, here’s how I am seeing things today from the 7th floor…

  • to my right is the door. When I look at the door I can either see it as a closed or open. I chose to see it open. True, it stays closed all day, but in the last year, God’s allowed me to “rise” and walk out of it every time. I’m super glad about that!
  • in front of me is a clock. When I look at the clock I can either see time “standing still” or “moving.” I see neither. Clocks represent time, which God controls, not me. So when I see the clock, whether it stands still or ticks away, I see God being in control.
  • to my left is a window. When I look out the window I can either see “sigh, just trees” or “WOW! PALM TREES!!!” I chose the latter. Palm trees are one of my FAVS & the forest of them out my window reminds me God made them for my enjoyment.
  • behind me is oxygen, tubes & an IV pole. What’s my perspective on that? HA! Actually? I don’t have one. I’m just thankful that all the stuff is behind me & that I don’t have to look at it all day.
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