Need a break from the sick-talk, let’s talk about what makes us laugh! Here are 4 guaranteed outbursts for me:

  1. SNL’s Will Ferrell “Cow Bell” & Alec Baldwin’s “Schwety”
  2. The two Brian’s on our staff (him andhim)
  3. Stephen Colbert’s daily antic of receiving all the applause as he welcomes his guests out.
  4. I’m sorry, Raul, but I gotta share that moment from our honeymoon in Mexico. ‘Member when you tried to mount the horse for the horseback ride thru the mountains? ‘Member your foot got caught in the saddle footstrap & the horse took off? OMGosh, Husband, nothing makes me laugh more. The visual of that gets me every time. Good times, Cuban, good times. 🙂
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