It is time. The Cuban & I have discussed this & we feel it is time to come out of the closet with who dresses him. Drumroll please… I do. I buy all his clothes; I lay out his workout clothes; I lay out his office clothes; I decide when he retires his clothes. When he travels, I’ve twisty-tied outfits together; attached notecards to each hanger & taken pix of each pre-assembled outfit & stored them in his iPhone (see pix above). It’s sick, I know. But Raul hates to dress himself & doesn’t care; I like to dress him &do care. So this works for us. From the belt to the socks to how to tuck in his shirt–I take care of it. The ONLY (& I mean ONLY) part I don’t care about is his underwear. I’d like to say one last thing: it’s really cool when you & your mate can mesh what one hates & the other loves, ’cause everybody wins. Just ask the Cuban! We’ve been doing this for 10 years & we both wouldn’t change a thing.

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