Over the holidays, we went to Sea World for “Dine with Shamu.” While Raul took DJ to the bathroom, Shamu jumped up right by our table & scared the crap out of me. I honestly can’t believe I got this pic & it turned out. I’m not sure why, but after we left, I felt for Shamu. In Genesis, God says He made the big animals that live in the sea. Though the emcee assured & re-assured us that this is a wonderful life for Shamu, I couldn’t help but think…

8 years ago, I was taken out of my big world (& for my safety) put in a psych unit. Sometimes, the world we’re meant to live in we hurt ourselves in & we’re too sick to notice. As whacked as it sounds, I’m thankful for the 72 hrs. when God took me out of my big sea & put me in a safer tank, an 8×8 cell. ‘Cause it was there that I found Him again. God, you always know where we need to be. Thanks.

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