>oD uoy daer rouy elbib? rof a gnol emit I t’ndid yojne gnidaer ti esauc ti saw ekil gniyrt ot daer hsilngE sdrawkcab, ti t’ndid ekam esnes [Do you read your bible? For a long time, I didn’t enjoy reading it ’cause it was like trying to read English backwards, it didn’t make sense.] Then one day I realized I was the one losing with that logic because I frequently complained I wasn’t hearing the audible from God, BUT I wasn’t putting my eyes on His playbook! So I prayed about it, bought a 1-year bible & read it every day for a year. That was 10 yrs ago. I’ve been reading it every day since. Right now, I am specifically reading my bible on the YouVersion iPhone app. Every day, I work through two of its reading plans: The Old Testament & Joyce Meyer. Pardon the cheesy analogy, but if we wanna win at the game, we gotta get into the Coach’s playbook. 🙂

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