I carried around this one regret for far too long. It was a stupid thing I did in my 20s. After finding my way back to God, I could forgive myself (easily) for the “minor” sins, but this one? No way. It was a BIG sin. In my estimation, worthy of 5-10 years of carrying it around on my back. And it was heavy. But I deserved it. I didn’t deserve to be freed up from the load. And then? I read this in the bible: And as far as sunrise is from sunset, he has separated us from our sins.” You know what that means? The sunrise & the sunset NEVER intersect. The sunrise never catches up to the sunset & vice versa. In other words,it’s an impossible act. And so it is with God. It is IMPOSSIBLE for Him to remember our regrets. It just doesn’t happen. When we screw up, we go to God in prayer & we ask for forgiveness. THEN, we throw our sin in the garbage can. Where the garbage man picks it up–& most importantly–takes it away, never to be traced again. That’s why I put a big garbage can here. To hopefully inspire someone to throw away a regret that’s been heavily carried. God’s not carrying it. Thankfully, neither should you.

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