We all have a “comfort-tank.”  And mine was never so close to running out ’til I became a mom.  It wasn’t that long ago when I was jockeying back and forth between a newborn who needed comfort for feeding & sleeping, and a toddler who needed comfort for boo-boo’s & temper-tantrums. Back then, I would tap into that comfort-tank a dozen times a day.  This could be such a discouraging cycle! What if my tank ran out of comfort?! But with God, it never does.  In Isaiah 66:13, God promises, “As a mother comforts her child, so will I comfort you.”  Whether we are moms needing comfort for our kids, teachers needing comfort for our students, friends needing comfort for our hurting friends, we will NEVER run out of comfort for others because God will never run out of comfort for us.  Whether we have one who requires gallons of comfort, or ten who require a pint each, God promises to put His comfort right back into us.  I had a long day today, as I write this, I feel depleted.  But I will go to sleep tonight knowing that God works through the night–filling our tanks with comfort because He knows tomorrow He will need us to give others more. He’s good like that.

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