My kids and I used to play this app on my iPhone called “Would You Rather.” At restaurants, it was a good time-waster as we waited for our food. But I got to thinking about this funny game in a more serious way and:

1) Would you rather stand in God’s shadow or in your own sunshine? 

2) Would you rather be a real screw-up or a perfect fake?

3) Would you rather forgive someone & walk free or not forgive them & be imprisoned?

4) Would you rather keep your blessings in an open palm or a clutched fist?

5) Would you rather climb a mountain & experience the summit or avoid the climb & never know?

These five “Would-You’s” are not random. They came to my mind because I’ve had to face them in my life. Maybe take a sec to consider them today in case these “would-you’s” become your realities tomorrow!

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