Dear God,

There are people you put in our lives, to which we are honored.
There are miracles you have given, to which we are speechless.
There are prayers you’ve answered, to which we are grateful.
There are things you did that we didn’t notice, to which we are relieved.
There are things you didn’t do that we thought you would, to which we remain faithful.
God, we’re just one of the flock–moving in one direction, at different paces.
But you always keep pace with each of us, making sure we make it.
We have fallen behind, but you didn’t let us stay there.
We have followed other sheep down the wrong path, but you steered us back in the right direction.  We’ve led other sheep astray, & your rod & staff lovingly corrected us. God, we aren’t bad sheep, we just make bad choices. We need you. We’d be lost without you.
Beyond words,

one of the flock

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