There’s an old saying: “Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me.” And I totally disagree with it! Words can hurt. Words do hurt. If you have ever had anyone speak insulting, bullying or vengeful words over you, you know it can hurt almost (if not more) than a stick or a stone.  One time, a person spewed these words to me: “You’ll never make it in Florida! When you get there and people learn who the real you is, you’ll have to move back!” Unkind words from an unkind friend, just weeks before I moved by myself to Florida.  Her words were not only hurtful but unforgettable. I still remember them. I remember where we were standing, I remember the look on her face as she said those words & I remember how they almost took me down. I have learned that sticks & stones can hurt the body, but words can hurt the soul. If you are a person who spouts off, pray for self-control. If you are a person who’s been spouted off to, pray for healing. The person who said those words to me spoke them over 15 years ago. True, I haven’t forgotten them. But you know what else is true? Unlike what she tried to foretell, she was wrong…cause I’m still in Florida. 🙂

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