I used to be so full of it. Full of what, you ask? Full of drama! My crises were world-halting events that devastated me and sucked the life out of those around me. Two events happened in my 20s that caused me to take an embarrassing look at myself in the drama mirror. One, was a good friend of mine just up’ed and walked away. She quit talking to me, returning my calls, etc. Through my investigative stalking, I learned that she was so worn out from my drama that she just couldn’t keep up with me any more. Whoops! The other event was a mentor who pulled me aside and just shot straight with me that if I wanted to be a leader I needed to learn when and where to let my drama show (and in most cases, that’s home or a counselor’s office). Drama is basically taking a hardship in your life and amplifying it with your emotions. And it IS controllable…as this former drama queen can attest… ๐Ÿ™‚

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