The backdrop to this photo is that when it was taken, I had just been discharged from the hospital. Back in 2009, I had had a rough year with hospital stays.  Six times to be exact. Six times in one year for anywhere from 4 to 10 days. As a mommy, it was tough. It isn’t normal for kids to have their mommy be gone for that much time for that kind of reason.  Captured here, you can see my joy and DJs relief that I was finally home. No sooner did I get in the door, did we climb in my big bed and just hang. We had to make up for lost times. This photo is also endearing to me because it reminds me of my relationship with God. There was a big stretch of time when I walked away from God. And then one day, I came back to Him. And like the exchange in this photo, God (my Father) was joyful. And I (his child) was relieved. And we’ve been closely hanging out making up for lost times ever since. I hope you know Him.

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