Weight is often regarded as a taboo topic. But on this blog, I don’t want things to be taboo. I hope you will always find one of two things here: laughter or encouragement. That being said, lets have a conversation about weight without it being taboo & with it being encouraging. Now you might be thinking that I’m not currently battling weight nor an expert in it. And you are right. But what I CAN do is zoom the lens out and in a broader view, share what the bible says & how it’s applied to things I’ve had to overcome in my life. For starters, if we have Christ in our lives, we have HIS fruit in our spirits. The bible teachers us that one of those “fruits” is self control. Another thing the bible teaches is that our body is a temple. A house for God to hang out in, if you will. With both of these truths, God has helped me apply them & overcome things. If weight is your thing–eating too much, not eating right, or not eating enough–I believe in you that you can conquer it. You have self-control already inside of you. And your body isn’t a landfill or a wasteland it is a beautiful temple that God lives, moves and breathes in! With these two truths–that you have self-control & that you are a beautiful landlord for God’s residency, you can conquer the things that are trying to defeat you. I’m praying that you will know you are wonderful; you CAN do all things through Christ; & that He who is IN you is greater than ANYTHING that has tried to take you. You got this!

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