A soft answer turns away wrath, But a harsh word stirs up anger (Proverbs 15:1) So I’m at Walmart and this chic comes barreling down the aisle & barks, “YOUR CART IS BLOCKING ME!” & keeps going. I barely had a chance to process her head-biting (and/or to kick her ____) & she was gone.  Apparently, when she turned the corner, she blasted one more customer, because when I came into contact with that customer, she uttered, “Gee, what was HER problem?” Well I don’t exactly have a sparkly-clean rep for turning the other cheek. So this just set me off. As I finished shopping, I had this nonverbal argument with God. He kept bringing Proverb 15:1 to my mind but I kept retorting with, “God, if I run into her, (as a Christian) I’ll need to bust on her ’cause she can’t talk to people like that.” Well lo and behold, guess who was in front of me at the checkout? Mean-Lady! “God’s giving me a chance to set her straight,” I told myself. So I walked right up to her. Tapped her on the shoulder & just as I was about to proceed with my “Christian Confrontation”, this “babble” came out of my mouth: “Ma’am, back there, you yelled at me in the aisle and it kinda hurt my feelings. But I just wanted to tell you I’m sorry if I had gotten in your way. I hope everything’s ok…” Mean-Lady looked at me. Paused. And then said, “It’s OK. Thank you,” and smiled. And that was that. SHAZAAM! That bible verse DOES work! A soft answer DOES turn away wrath. And today, I’m super pumped that I got to see it play out. 🙂

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