Serving under Pastor David and Lisa’s leadership at Church by the Glades has given me the cool opportunity to watch their son, Zane, grow into a little man. These days, Zane goes out in public with his hat, hook and sword. And don’t confuse it (like I did)…he’s NOT Peter Pan, he’s Captain Hook! It’s great to see Zane be consistently comfortable with himself, no matter where he is or who he is around. He could care less! And I think he’s having an impact on me. Somewhere along the timeline of life, we lose being consistently comfy with who we are. It’s like we grow awkward in our OWN skin. That’s crazy! But can I tell you how many times I have reconfigured myself depending on where I was or who I was around? God made us who we are because, as the world turns, He needed us to be that way to keep it turning. As the old saying goes, “be yourself, everybody else is taken.” So embrace, accept and love who you are cuz you are gonna do great things…in the skin you’re in!

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