When I was about 24 inches, my Dad was 6’4″ & when I needed him, my little face cried at his knee-caps, ‘cause that’s where our heights had us.  Until I discovered that if I climbed into his lap & turned his face toward mine, there was something to gain.  It was then that his focus was me & not something else. I could see where his eyes were & I knew they were looking into mine. Sometimes, I think we get mad at God ‘cause we can’t climb into his lap. Our flesh is wired to think that’s the only way to be comforted. But a parent’s eyes? A parent’s lap? God does even better than that. When it hurts so bad, God is in your heart. I always thought you couldn’t get closer to comfort than a parent’s lap. But you can. The closest anyone can get is inside your heart. You just can’t get closer than the heart. And that is where God is, And that is where you can find Him, And that is where He will comfort you if you ask Him. Til heaven when we can all sit in His lap, today, let Him hold you in your heart.


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