This week, my good bud Lisa invited me to join her & a group of women for an over-nighter at the beach. This group is one tight-knit, totally fun, godly, loyal, welcoming group of chics. A year ago, when we first moved to the area, right away, Lisa introduced me to them. She’s good like that. And I am thankful she did. These women have been very kind to my boys and I. They loved on us right away. It blew me away how they were so including of us–though they barely knew us.  They, and Lisa, have been a huge reason why my boys & I saw our new community as a home with family…and not a foreign place with strangers. I always want to have a point to my posts. My point is simply this: find a good church and you will find good friends. They go hand-in-hand. God would never want us to do life alone. So He gave us His church. And in my case–this amazing group of women IN it. Thanks Lisa, Melanie, Carrie, Cassie, Darlene, Nicole, Julie, Joycy, Kelly & thanks Church by the Glades!

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