pleasure – the state or feeling of being pleased

Today, DJ wanted to go for a bike ride. Now mind you, I haven’t done this for like 20 years. Could I still even ride a bike? Why did I have to be the one DJ asked?  And why didn’t I have an excuse to get out of it? Well, bike ride, it was. We grabbed a couple waters & threw them in a little backpack & away we went.  SIX MILES LATER, we pulled back into our driveway. And let me tell you, it was sheer pleasure! No technology, electricity, distraction or pressure. Just us on bikes on streets. We talked some but for the most part, I had a lot of time to discover pleasing things, like: being on God’s great, green Earth; under God’s sun, in God’s gentle breeze, around God’s landscaping. To sum it up, this bike ride was “pleasure’s” original connotation – “the state or feeling of being pleased.” This summer, I encourage you to find something that brings you pleasure. Sheer pleasure. A lot of times, it’s the simpler things that we used to do. And sometimes?  It’s not so bad to return to them.

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