We are ALL created with personality. It’s a basket of goodies that God puts in each of us. But we are responsible for HOW we use that basket of goodies & the choice is ours. It has always been part of my personality to be a wild. But it’s been interesting to see its evolution over the years. When I was far from God, I didn’t use my wild for good. In choosing to use it for bad, it had me drink obnoxiously, run into oncoming traffic, drive intoxicated, dance provocatively, jump into cars with strangers, etc., etc. These days, I still have that wild in me–but I chose to use it for good. At Church by the Glades, I’ve had the privilege of being an Easter chicken, a crazy sports fan, a dog lookalike, a beach tourist (see pic), just to name a few! It has been so fun to use that part of my personality to help people laugh, cast vision & spread enthusiasm. And these days, ALL for God. God gave me the wild-trait, I want to give Him all the credit for everything I do with it. Whatever your personality, I hope you are choosing to use it for good. You’ll do yourself good, you’ll do God good & you’ll do the world a world-of-good too. 🙂

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