I was in middle school & my mom had just dropped me off to youth group. When I walked in, I noticed a strange setup on the stage:  benches, basins with water, and towels. As our youth pastor shared the story of Jesus washing the feet of his disciples, I sat there, unmoved and unimpressed. As part of his closing, he asked each of us to come forward and take turns washing each others’ feet. My pastor went first, washing the feet of a student seated in the front pew. At that moment, I got up and walked to the back of the sanctuary and crouched in the last pew. As the guitarist strummed sobering melodies, my peers engaged in this beautiful, sobering moment. But not me. Then, I went home unmoved by what I missed. Now, I realize how much I missed out. When you offer, have or are the best, can you still be humble? Jesus was. Jesus offered the best: eternal life, but he was humble enough to be sacrificed for it. Jesus had the best: a throne in Heaven, but he was humble enough to step down from it. Jesus was the best: sinless, but he was humble enough to wash the feet of sinners. There are many hard-to-be-humble moments in my life, perhaps you have some too. You know…something comes along that gives us a “one-up” on those around us, and it’s not that we take pride in it, it’s that we take pride too far. It was hard to be humble in that youth group service, but as I write this, it’s hard to be proud. With God, we can be just like His Son: confidently-humble. It’s called swagger. Get you some! 🙂


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