So I stepped up to the griddle & made pancakes for the fam. Now for whatever reason, I only had a box of gluten-free pancake mix at the house so I used that. They looked like pancakes, they smelled like pancakes, they required the same ingredients as pancakes, they griddled like pancakes. BUT, they didn’t taste like pancakes. Suffice it to say, I was disappointed. Alas, that is ’til I got an idea:ย  I used to be like a gluten-free pancake. I looked like a Christian (wore tasteful attire & a cross necklace). I smelled like a Christian (always doused myself in perfume & chewed gum after a night of partying). I had the same ingredients as a Christian (went to church, owned a couple bibles, attended a Christian college, loved God). BUT, get close enough and you would’ve discovered I was gluten-free: everything was there…but something was missing. Maybe this is you. Maybe this is someone close to you. How did I resolve this? Well, for starters, I went to the store & bought REAL pancake mix. Oh, and how did I resolve my life? One morning, when I was 23, I had an epiphany: I would no longer LOOK Christian on the outside; I would BE Christian on the inside. I’ve been working at being a real pancake ever since, & I’ve had no regrets with the work its required. If you want the real pancake to stand up–YOU–ask the Master Chef to get involved in your life–and you will!

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