Two weeks ago, Pastor Kory & I (who couldn’t be any more opposite if we tried) did a book review & give away. Here we are again! This time, it’s “Love Powered Parenting” by  Chaundal & Tom Holladay.  After leadership, my next fav book genre is parenting. So I am really excited to review this with Kory!

KORY: I’m not a parent yet.  No kids, no babies on the way, not even a wife.  This is exactly why Love-Powered Parenting was a great read for me.  I got the chance to read about Jesus centered parenting before I even step into the ring of fatherhood.  Throughout the book I can constantly compare my experience as a child to the experience I one day want to give my child.  As a young single with no kids it is awesome to get ahead of the game and start preparing to be the parent your future kids will be proud to have.

HEATHER: As a mama to two boys, I am always on the scout for a good parenting books. For two reasons this one is GOLD. One, I have had the chance of meeting & hanging with Chaundal.  She was so nice to me when I was a nobody on our tour bus (that’s another post!) and she was just great fun. The other reason this book is gold is because of the fact that I was such a terrible kid, I can get insecure about my parenting. So I am eager for wise folk who have gone before me & done it right to help me get it right. Tom and Chaundal fit this bill. I can’t say enough about this book and these authors. Get it! 🙂
The 1st person to LEAVE A COMMENT with what church Tom & Chaundal serve at wins a free copy of this book. Good luck!




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