What is awkward? Awkward is asking someone if they are pregnant & they aren’t. Awkward is passing gas ’cause you think you’re alone & someone walks in. Awkward is unfollowing someone on Twitter & they ask you why. And awkward is being a Christian. Yep. It’s awkward  When I am around family or friends who are of no religion or of a different faith, it can be awkward. They do things I don’t do, I do things they don’t do. And hello, enter: awkward. But the bible I read makes no promises that Christianity is meant to be un-awkward. Today, as we celebrated our freedom as a country, I got to thinking that awkward–here–is something many–over there–don’t have. They aren’t awkward, they are persecuted. They don’t have uncomfortable moments, they have painful lifespans. I typed this after our family’s BBQ today. As I consider how moments in it mighta been awkward, I am thankful that awkwardness was as worse as it got. As Americans, we are truly, truly blessed.


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