I know several who have clouds over their heads & it’s raining down on them. And this is not a short April shower, either. It’s an ongoing, is-this-ever-gonna-end kinda rain. Life is seasonal. And when its the rainy season, we wonder if it will ever end. Will we ever see the sun? Will the clouds ever dissipate? But metaphorically speaking, knowing our rainy season could be a long one, we gotta make choices while in it. Dance in the rain or pout in the puddles? Stand up in the clouds or sit under them. Look, not too long ago, I came out of a TWO YEAR rainy season. I’m sharing this because this is what I had to learn to do. I had to learn that I didn’t know when the rain would end…but I had a choice of what I could do in it. Did I dance in the rain all the time? No way. But I didn’t sit, pout & waste my life in it either. If you are in a rainy season–and its been awhile–I hope you find the strength within to occasionally stand up & dance in it. And I’m praying that your sun will soon shine.

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