Never touching the nest or her eggs, the boys & I enjoyed keeping watch on Ma Duck.  We were curious why she built her nest where she did. As you can see, she had to endure the pangs of this thorned bouganveilla every time she sat on her nest. But we deciphered that she was willing to endure that to have the safety this particular spot afforded her. Last week, while in Chicago, the boys & I talked about coming home to see Ma Duck & her new fuzzy babies. We talked about how we’d put bread outside so Ma Duck could be a hero to them when she brought home a tasty treat of starchy-spongy goodness. But when we returned from Chicago, we were aghast to see that an animal had gotten to her babies. All the eggs were on the ground, split open. That was tough, man! We had grown fond of Ma-Duck & her babies-to-be. Today, I saw her in our driveway & I’d be a liar if I didn’t tell you my heart sank. She sacrificed & suffered for the sake of her babies & an enemy snatched them away. There’s a lesson in this. Probably several. But for me, it was a reminder of what Christ did for me. He sacrificed & suffered for my sake…and for several years, the enemy snatched me away. But my story doesn’t stop there. What the enemy tried to snatch away, God got back. For good. Forever.

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