It’s been fun doing book reviews with my Pastor-Friend-Colleague, Kory Cassell. As I’ve stated in our earlier book review posts (here & here) we couldn’t be more opposite if we gallantly tried. Without further ado, please enjoy our final book review. It is by my dear (virtual) friend, Marie Wikle. Her passion is joy & joy is her passion. Here is how Kory & I took to her book, “Spreading Joy Daily:

Kory:  Practical and authentic.  Two traits we are all looking for when it comes to day to day direction and motivation.  With her simple daily ideas, Marie will stretch you and and inspire you to grow in small and significant ways.  Fun and creative, these daily insights will make as much a difference in you as they will in all those around you.

Heather:  I’m a big advocate for joy–because the bible tells us it can happen IN suffering & because “it comes in the morning.” So when I discovered Marie’s “joy” tweets on twitter one day, I followed immediately and got inspired daily. And then? When I learned she had a book with 365 joy ideas, I couldn’t wait to get my paws on it. There would no longer be any excuse for me to not find joy every day…nor help others find it too.

Kory and I don’t agree on a lot, but we DO agree on the joy of getting to peruse this book. So on behalf of both of us, we are giving away 2 copies. Leave a comment on what brings you joy. We will draw two winners & get these shipped out to you ASAP. Thanks!


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