I think because I had spent so many times in the hospital that I learned to have peace with death. One particular year, my hospital stays were so frequent, that I actually planned my funeral party. Morbid. I know. But being sick for so long and not getting good prognosis’ gave me a unique window to look at my life & consider its last days.  Which, so many (including my Cuban) are (understandably) uncomfortable with. But if I had to sum it up, I’d like it to be said that I lived life laughing and I left this life smiling. Now will I have any say in the matter? Who knows! But in my heart, since I truly desire to live laughing & die smiling, it’s oddly helped me navigate life in a more positive way. I don’t know where you stand with all of this. But I do know this: if you know where you’re going when you’re gone & you know Who you will spend forever with, a laughing life & a smiling death is not a bad thing to consider. 🙂

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