Friday night I made an unexpected trip to the mall. When I pulled into my parking space, my car met another car that had 2 teens in it.  They were smoking a joint & passing it back and forth between each other. Not being one to have a poker-face, I quickly grabbed my purse & walked inside. But for the life of me, could not get what I just saw out of my mind. As I walked through the mall, I had this convo with myself (scary) but also with God. Over and over, I asked myself, “Should I have said something to them?” “Should I have found some authority or security and reported them?” “Should I just pray for them?”– a firing range of “should I’s” running through my head at 60mph. And in between, I prayed for them. “God, help these kids.” “God, don’t let this be the beginning of a dead-end future.” “God, let them be caught if it means saving them.” I am confident God heard every prayer, but I am not confident that I did the right thing. It’s been 3 days since this happened. I’m blogging because it is still on my mind…and because those two kids are still on my heart. Just wondering what you would have done in this situation?

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